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Keep a pulse on the housing market's rapidly changing landscape through the power of data & analytical research.

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Comprehensive Data

Every Data Point That Influences Housing

With over 275 housing related metrics, dig into monthly and annual historical trends, as well as forecasts for nation, state, county, city and zip code. Data is clearly organized and ready to explore.
Visual Storytelling

Spot Trends And Market Shifts Quickly

Data is readily visualized through a series of heatmaps, charts and graphs. Interactions are intuitive and users can drill down even further into a time series. Content discovery is easy, providing quick insights about a market.
Succinct Analysis

Curated And Insightful Housing Analysis

Monthly market reports for markets across the US are a powerful tool to get up-to-date on current conditions and see where the market is in the housing cycle. Easy to read narrative adds local market flavor about changes in the market.
Exportable Data

Excel Ready Information For Homebuilding

Exporting information is easy to share with your team. All the underlying information is shared as a .csv file, making it easy for your team to dig further into the numbers. Many of visualizations including the heatmaps and charts are also available as a .png file to quickly generate an investment package.
Zonda Empowers You

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Sales & Marketing Professional
  • Sales & Marketing Professional
  • Land Acquisition Executive
  • Land Developer
  • Institutional Investor

Sales & Marketing Professional

Understand how your project is performing and create an action plan for your sales team when there is movement in the market.

Land Acquisition Executive

Make decisions swiftly on new sites and create a library of every parcel you've studied. Pricing sites has never been easier.

Land Developer

Learn more about how well builders are operating in a market and segment based on product types that are performing well.

Institutional Investor

Invest wisely by keeping track of your project's performance. Maintain a portfolio of all your assets that is updated in real-time.

We Are National Platform

Our geographic coverage spans coast to coast and our proprietary research focuses on the most active new home markets in the country. With nearly 100 CBSAs that include more than 400 counties, our team has you covered.

Markets We Serve

275 Metrics To Drive Your Decisions

The most comprehensive source for housing & economic data with premier vendors including Moody’s Analytics, Claritas, Great Schools and public record data.


Active And Upcoming Projects


Active MLS Listings


Closing Records

How We Go The Extra Mile

Leading Indicators
Our proprietary project data provides key leading indicators that measure housing activity. Our team of researchers survey every project for contract sales, list prices, and quick move-in data.
Direct Feed
We’ve leveraged our relationship with Builder Homesite Inc. to provide the industry with the most accurate information on pricing and supply, along with visually rich data that includes elevations and floor plans. Land brokers also provide us with unique insights on parcels available for sale.
Daily Updates
As a guiding principle, we don’t hold on to data updates. We’ve cut the cycle time to bring the latest information to the market. Newly marketed projects and grand opening sales performance are critical to understand in addition to recent list price changes.
Crowdsourcing Data
Staying up-to-date is a group effort. Our users can be part of this effort. We make it easy to request changes to our data by flagging details to our reserach team. We'll research and review the information and turn it around quickly and let you know when its been updated.
Game Changing Technology
With machine learning, our partnership with Orbital Insight will leverage AI to identify new development projects and monitor construction progress. This new layer of data will provide greater timeliness and accuracy when monitoring the pace of housing construction in the U.S.

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