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  1. Meyers Research Raises over $45,000 for HomeAid America

    Our 2018 Housing Market Outlook in Newport Beach was a huge success, with our strongest turnout ever!  Thank you to all attendees and sponsors who helped us raise $45,000. To date, we’ve raised a grand total of $572,000 in net proceeds for HomeAid America.

    We have spent the past 4 years partnering with HomeAid because we firmly stand behind their mission to provide housing for those that need it the most — homeless families. The organization builds and renovates multi-unit shelters for America’s homeless families and individuals (more than one million of whom are children) while the residents rebuild their lives. For over HomeAid’s 29 years in operation, they’ve built over 500 projects. This is a cause we are happy to support.




    Economic Overview
    Presented by Robert Kleinhenz, Economist and Executive Director of Research at Beacon Economics

    Everyone in the room was relieved to hear Robert’s bullish take on the national economy, supported by tax cuts and full employment. He urged the audience to make good use of these circumstances and look for ways to address the housing shortage to serve the robust demand. The highlights from the economic session are below:

    The Economic Landscape Is Positive

    • Consumer growth is steady due to gradually rising wages and constrained debt levels. It appears the Great Recession created a more cautious consumer
    • We’ve reached the theoretical point of “full employment” with an unemployment rate of 4.3%. The unemployment rate would be lower if companies could find qualified workers
    • The tax cuts will likely spur additional economic activity throughout 2018 and 2019 from both consumers and businesses. In particular, the favorable tax treatment will lead to more business investments
    • As we work through trade talks, we need to maintain stability with Canada and Mexico, two of our strongest trade partners
    • Tariffs on aluminum and steel will raise costs, but the impact will be minor for consumers

    Positive Housing Demographics With Major Affordability Headwinds

    • Home prices in California have come back nicely, steadily increasing since the trough. Apartment rents are also on the rise. While both of these are generally good for a market, home prices and rents are far outpacing income growth
    • The housing shortage is a real problem in California. We need to build 200,000 homes in California annually to address the demand, but we’ve only hit 100,000. The dearth of housing inventory is a major factor contributing to the aforementioned price appreciation and subsequent affordability challenges
    • We are waiting for a big boost in home sales; the sales trajectory hasn’t broken out of the narrow range since the start of the recovery. While demographics are in the housing market’s favor and Millennials are in a good shape to become homeowners, first-time homebuyers are struggling to both come up with the down payment and qualify for a loan.
    Builder Panel Session

    Moderated by Jeff Meyers, President at Meyers Research


    Bert Selva, President and CEO at Shea Homes
    Jeff RoosRegional President at Lennar Corporation
    Jim BoydRegional President at Toll Brothers
    Emile HaddadChairman and CEO at FivePoint Communities


    The major theme of the builder panel was adapting to change by addressing uncomfortable challenges. Adaptability and continuous reinvention were unanimously agreed upon as the key to staying relevant in the industry.

    Lennar & CalAtlantic Merger Challenges

    • Lennar is now in 38 markets, with top market share in many
    • The merger came with some growing pains. Lennar is working to integrate the information technology of both operating platforms by summer
    • There is a changing focus on Lennar’s digital marketing platform; they want to get to people before they buy a home

    Upping The Game At Toll Brothers

    • Toll Brothers thinks about their homes from a homebuyers’ perspective and considers objections before they even receive them. Hidden Canyon, a community in Irvine, is a great example of this. They spent roughly $1 million on landscaping to demonstrate what you can achieve with limited yard space
    • Toll Brothers is also focusing dollars on merchandising their communities. One of their goals is to include 20+ flat screen televisions in each model home

    Shea Homes Creates A Balance

    • Shea doesn’t shoot from the hip. The company aims to create balance by creating a strategy. They spend the extra time to define the areas they want to be and reflect on their core markets
    • Shea learned through consumer research that technology matters to some of their home buyers. As a result, they’ve invested in Ring as a new home technology

    If you were unable to attend our Outlook, there are still plenty of ways to contribute to HomeAid America. Connect with your local HomeAid chapter to see how you and your colleagues can help with activities such as diaper drives or booking a shelter tour. There are currently 17 chapters in 12 states, with a continued effort to expand further. You can also donate to HomeAid directly to enable them to continue to build new facilities where America’s homeless can rebuild their lives.

  2. What You Missed At Our Las Vegas Outlook Event

    Last week, Meyers Research hosted our second annual 2016 National Housing Outlook: A Look Into the Future event in support of HomeAid America. HomeAid brings together people in the homebuilding industry to fight a common cause: helping the homeless population. HomeAid does this by recruiting builders and their trade partners to build housing for charities that help the less fortunate by providing them education, training, and life skills so they can escape homelessness and become self-sufficient. The sold-out event brought together builders, developers, mortgage and title experts, analysts, and institutional investors and raised over $40,000 for HomeAid. To date, Meyers Research has raised over $228,000 proceeds for the charity. Below are some key highlights from our outlook event.


    Economic overview. Our Chief Economist, Kevin Gillen Ph.D., started the morning by highlighting the positive macroeconomic trends showing that the economy continues to recover. Job creation ended on a high note in 2015 and we expect continued growth. Consumers are confident again, and foreclosures are a non-issue for most parts of the country. While the national picture looks promising, Kevin highlighted some headwinds holding back growth. One big issue is that new home sales are still running well below their historic average, but new home prices are at an all-time high. Prices relative to incomes are stretched, which puts many new homes beyond the realm for a typical buyer. Exacerbating the issue, the premium of new vs. existing home prices is trending up. Our housing forecast for the remainder of 2016 is a slight increase over last year, but by a modest margin. The variety of geopolitical events are the wild cards.



    Consumers and shifting preferences. We were honored to have J. Walker Smith, the Executive Chairman at the Futures Company, provide the keynote address. He discussed the economic reality people are facing in today’s world. For past generations, the trajectory of how we expected life to happen was generally linear (go to college, meet someone, get married, have kids, etc). This is no longer the reality for many Americans; different life stages are now changeable and adaptable. The new reality requires businesses to change the way they connect with consumers, and in particular with technology. If we want housing and our product to be aspirational, we need to figure out how to connect with all these people on their devices. He highlighted that the shift to an “on-demand” economy (think Uber, Hotel Tonight, and Open Table) may require the homebuilding industry to adapt and redesign products to provide homebuyers with better access to new technologies (and even new configurations for our living space). For example, maybe consumers don’t need two parking spaces, private work space, or even a utility room.

    Homebuilding session. In a conversation led by Tim Sullivan (Advisory Practice Leader at Meyers Research), Adrian Foley (President and COO at Brookfield Residential), Scott Stowell (Executive Chairman at CalAtlantic Homes), and Jeff Meyers (President at Meyers Research) explored the content from the previous presentations. Millennials were again a hot topic. The builders believe there is a lot of opportunity today because the Millennials are more flexible about change and trying out new things. However, builders are wary to be the first to try out new products because it is risky even though it’s such a huge market opportunity.

    The session concluded with advice about our industry:

    • Don’t let fear be the driver. Try not to overreact to negative news or short-term gyrations (stock markets tanking, Chinese uncertainty, Middle East tensions, etc).
    • Have confidence to stay the course and be assured by the work you have done.
    • Make long-term business decisions to help manage the housing cycle.
    • Leverage technology to improve the customer experience.
    • Focus more on data, especially those related to housing demand and consumer wellness.
    • Hire good people.

    Thank you to our sponsors and to all the attendees for the support! Our next event in partnership with HomeAid America will be in Orange County on March 9th. Stay tuned for updates.

    Timothy P. Sullivan, Practice Leader – Advisory San Diego


  3. Building Industry Forecast For D.C. Metro: Where Are We? Where Are We Going?

    Executive forecast breakfast hosted by Meyers Research in support of a homebuilding industry charity HomeAid America. Expect this high caliber educational event and networking opportunity to bring together the region’s top homebuilding executives.  This not to be missed event will focus on economic conditions and housing market trends for the year end and the outlook for 2015. Proceeds from the event will benefit HomeAid America.

    Thursday – Sep. 4, 2014 7:45 – 12:00 AM
    Fairview Marriott 3111 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church VA 22042

    $195 per person early bird registration
    $225 per person at the door

    Breakfast and coffee will be available for you as you meet and greet.

    Mark ZandiChief Economist at Moody’s Analytics will provide a briefing on national and local economic conditions.

    An elite panel of homebuilding experts will discuss the remainder 2014 and how they are gearing up for 2015. As additional speakers are confirmed, updates will be forthcoming over email & Twiter @meyersllc #meyersevents.

    Capital markets play a significant role in today’s housing landscape in funding projects and providing operating capital. Panelists will speak candidly about the ebb and deal flow, along with challenges of today.



    George Mason Mortgage LLC




    Professional Builder


    For questions, contact Janelle Barnett at jbarnett@meyersresearchllc.com or (949) 864-8436.
    For sponsorship opportunities, contact Susan Blen at sblen@homeaid.org or (949) 777-1660.

    HomeAid America is a leading national non-profit provider of housing for today’s homeless.
    Follow HomeAid news and updates on: Facebook & Twitter.
    For more information, please visit www.homeaid.org.

  4. See You At PCBC

    The most anticipated industry event of the year is just around the corner and like you, we can’t wait to attend expert panels, learn about new products, walk the exhibit floor, soak in ideas and mingle with the brains at the Moscone Center. PCBC 2014 is particularly special as Meyers Research will be kicking off the week on Tuesday night with the induction of Jeffrey Meyers to the Hall of Fame! Here is our list highlighting Meyers Research sessions & opportunities to meet up:



    The Annual Capital Markets Survey 9:30 – 10:15 am (Land & Capital)
    Jeff Meyers, President at Meyers Research

    Five Game Changers In Homebuilding 11:00 – 12:00 pm (SPARKS)
    Peter Dennehy, Senior Vice President at Meyers Research

    Making Small Spaces Rock  11:20 – 12:20 pm (Multifamily Trends)
    Kimberly Byrum, Senior Vice President at Meyers Research

    What’s Working? What’s Not & Why? 1:30 – 3:30 pm (SPARKS)
    Tim Sullivan, Practice Leader at Meyers Research

    Executive Roundtable: The Buck Stops Here 3:30 – 4:30 pm (Multifamily Trends)
    Tim Sullivan, Practice Leader at Meyers Research



    Entitlement Strategies: Creating and Enhancing Value 10:30 – 11:15 pm (Land & Capital)
    David Hudson, Vice President Capital at Meyers Research

    Leaders Perspectives On Land & Capital 11:15 – 12:00 pm (Land & Capital)
    Jeff Meyers, Practice Leader at Meyers Research

    Gold Nugget Awards 5:30 – 8:30 pm
    Tim Sullivan, Practice Leader at Meyers Research


    Follow our updates on Twitter #meyersevents #pcbc2014.
    We look forward to seeing you soon!

  5. 2013 National Housing Market Forecast

    What a difference a year makes. Most news reports today point to a recovering housing market throughout the nation with some of the worst-hit areas like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Central Valley of California experiencing strong demand for housing and limited supply. All indications point to 2012 being the year the housing market started its climb out of the bottom that began in 2007. Most economists and housing forecasters agree that the housing market began a turnaround last year and are projecting a continued recovery in 2013. However, the positive consensus extends only to the direction of housing market trends and not necessarily to the level of improvement. Following are some key housing market forecasts for the coming year:

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