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Product Design Director

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We're looking for a passionate Product Design Director to grow and innovate our design practice across brands, products, tools and materials. We are making big bets on the future of real-estate, trailblazing a 2030 vision for the industry. Watch our CEO, Jeff Meyers share the landscape of untapped opportunities. We have new projects in the pipeline, and an ongoing revamping of entire experiences across mediums and platforms. There are countless design and strategic challenges that we are excited to solve with you in our portfolio. You’ll be in a unique position to shape the product and brand design function. You'll be at the forefront of our efforts and be directly responsible for decisions that shape design output, brands, tools, teams and culture. You’ll use your full range of skills to build great teams. You’ll also learn about the real estate industry, economics, and data. You’ll be supported with tools you need, and you'll be working with an awesome and like-minded team.
  • Be the trailblazer and a change agent for the industry by articulating strong ideas and vision for the future
  • Expand knowledge of the real-estate landscape, markets, economy, data, mapping to translate to practice
  • Scale product and brand strategy, design experiences and advanced interactions across our platforms 
  • Produce all product experiences, staff new roles and support current teams to achieve their goals
  • Architect elegant design systems with diligent decision documentation to simplify decision making
  • Be a design champion and a user advocate to diplomatically facilitate execution to our values and ethics
  • Build relationships across orgs to facilitate trust and make time to get buy-off from other disciplines
  • Model collaboration skills, guide people in processes, expand our culture, and measure the results
  • As a remote team, willingness to travel and meet-up for facetime for internal and external meetings
  • Experience: 2+ years as a product design director or manager with a mix of enterprise or consumer product portfolio. You have built startups, released 1.0, run multiple work pods and internal ops  with focus on exceptional user experience. You are platform agnostic and ready to work on web, iOS, Android, email, 3rd party tools (Tableau, Microsoft BI) or else. 
  • Portfolio: You can demo built and scaled applications cross-platform, demonstrate business and technical intel over product lifetime, showcase decision documentation, organizational tools & processes. Documentation of beautiful consumer or business applications cross-platform with respect to understanding complex UR/UX/UI/CT systems, scale, demonstrating business and technical intel.
  • Education: Undergrad or grad training in HCI, Human Factors, UX/UI, New Media, interaction and experience design, with passion for emerging tracks like voice interfaces, AI, ML and so on.
  • Leadership: You inspire high performing teams to continually create and improve our product portfolio with a best-in-class workplace with a balance on inspiration and authority. Hire exceptional designers who are deft at balancing the stated needs of the user with what will be most impactful for the business. Improve, develop and retain a high performing designers who excel within a diverse and inclusive environment. Radiate information, make intros and connections, model culture and creative values in the organization, be the team ambassador on projects, helpful in design crits and reviews.
  • Product Management: You are deeply familiar with product management and know how to partner through different phases. You understand how to scale customer centric cultures and needs, translate executive goals and vision into agile roadmap to allow creative decisions downstream, inspire and challenge our culture, break down epics and order feature sets, be available to collaborate and share know how, be an excellent problem solver and prioritizer amidst competing priorities. You can easily simplify complex problems, challenge and debate issues of importance to identify the best possible outcome for the customer, understand technical matters outside personal area of expertise, and synthesize for broad discussions, synthesize requirements, articulate your point of view and liberties behind your decisions, nurture a culture experimentation and bets that tie to KPIs. Foster high quality environment, ship contagious top of the line products and internal tools. 
  • UX Research & Discovery: Experience interviewing internal and external stakeholders, learning new industries and domains, inspiration sourcing, running workshops & exercises, structuring design scope, quantitative and qualitative research, visualizing clear findings and socializing learnings across the company with the razor focus on customer needs.
  • UX Strategy & Synthesis: Distill complicated problems into elegant solutions, understanding and communicating the technical limitations, articulating the design POV liberties behind your decisions, facilitating mapings, audits and study of  multiple paths to pursue creative problems that tie to KPIs.
  • UX Design: Portfolio work demonstrating work with sketching, user experience wireframe flows with attention to micro-interactions, prototyping, spec-ing and testing. Translating feedback to iterate relentlessly, knowing how to address objections and questions, generate and prioritize concepts, refined aesthetic and polished execution, push the limits of  interfaces, work with and expand upon the design system, and managing the backlog. Own brand consistency and reinforce our brand and personality, balance big picture thinking with delightful execution and uphold quality. 
  • UX Writing: Drive content strategy, audits, taxonomies, creative writing, voice and tone. Guiding creative writing for editorial, marketing, support, sales teams in creating systems and corporate culture
  • VD/Motion/Front-End: You have a good eye and expertise to bring other product expertise to the team.
  • Design Lifecycle: Own complete end-to-end solutions throughout the build cycle from sprint to release through phases of research, conception, execution to hand-off of assets and requirements, supporting excellence all the way through QA to go live
  • Organizational Development: Build bridges to firm up fruitful collaborations with cross functional leaders: design, development, marketing, research, support, and sales. Communicate effectively across all levels of the organization to keep them engaged in making key decisions and apprised of progress. Confident in ability to listen, and build consensus across a large matrixed organization to handle user problems, achieve objectives and deliver results. You are a natural connector that opens doors for people across the org, radiates information, makes intros and connections, models culture and creative values in the organization.
  • Design Community: Life-long learner following industry leaders and sharing best practices along the way
  • Teaming: Excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills. Detail oriented, organized, clear communicator, self-starter, participatory, flexible, open-minded optimistic, generative, visionary and open new ideas and ways of working and hungry to innovate. Manage confidential information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
  • Project Management: Come prepared to weekly stand-ups, bring your best client facing skills to meetings, be prepared to work and learn, set deadlines, take notes and ownership of next steps. Execute meticulously in a fast-paced environment with ambiguity. Ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. 
  • Tools: Awesome in Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Invision, tinkerer & always exploring
  • Top-of-the-line salary
  • 401K and competitive benefits
  • $3K in education benefits
  • Field work at company events
  • Regular offsite workshops across the country
  • Annual team retreat
  • Work from home culture
  • New tools and hardware
  • A vast new network outside of design
  • Growth platform: regular 1:1 time and ongoing feedback from leadership
  • Peace of mind corporate benefit package
  • Time off: vacation, extra holidays, short days

Grow With Us

Hanley Wood (recently merged with Meyers Research in December 2018), is the largest data, editorial, and advisory service provider to serve the residential building, design and land development industries with a national team of 600 employees. We hold the largest database of real estate data, including community developments, land/ commercial sales and economic research that equip our clients with insights that aid in maximizing their real estate business.

Our talented crew comes from all walks of life, cultures and experiences. We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity at Meyers Research. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Proof of eligibility to work in the United States is required. Candidates must submit a proper portfolio in order to be considered for the position. Join us.



Q&A With Hiring Manager

Shagane Barsegian Launey

Vice President, Product Design

Read more about Shagane

What will one learn in this position?

We nurture a highly creative environment that pushes you to learn and impact change out of the gate. We LOVE placing people in stretch roles and giving them a platform to grow. My favorite part about this role is the ownership of the entire user journey through product and brand, meaning your vision and output directly shape the company. We welcome folks from all walks of lives and family arrangements. Everyone is hands-on and is a one of a kind compliment to team. Last, it's really cool to work with data at scale across geographies, and pair with our domain experts in real-estate to understand industry drivers for housing and economic growth. 

How is design valued here?

Design is a core differentiator for our value in the marketplace. Our mission is to bring a radically new propositions to the industry status quo which often entails we have to think differently and tackle hard problems through teaming. Designers question the most fundamental assumptions and set the bar for casting a radically new vision for how we serve intelligent data and content platforms. We've had designers in key leadership roles, including at the exec level, from the very beginning. This has made design a core foundation of our company's DNA. This means that you'll never have to justify the importance of design. We genuinely care about people and value kindness in our everyday interactions. You'll be able to be yourself and feel valued.

With who and how will I work?

You'll closely work with all functions and leadership teams, specifically Lillian Spio, Hamin Balaporia, Lorry Lynn, Andy Reid and Jeff Meyers. Working in small, high-impact teams, your work will touch initiatives across the nation. We have several offices across the country, with large teams based in OC, TX, DC & San Diego. We have been pioneers in remote workplaces and work with exceptional ease to scout the best talent supporting our employees in their vision for personal and professional life. We are looking to build an LA office in the near future that will staff design and marketing function. With the recent merger at HW & Meyers Research we are starting to build teams to slowly specialize more, for the next year, teams will still continue to be hybrid while working towards product and brand pods of mixed skill sets and more ownership. 

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