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Design Program Manager

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We're looking for a passionate Design Program Manager to scale and operationalize our design practice across brands, products, tools and materials. We are making big bets on the future of real-estate, trailblazing a 2030 vision for the industry. Watch our CEO, Jeff Meyers share the landscape of untapped opportunities. We have new projects in the pipeline, and an ongoing revamping of entire experiences across mediums and platforms. There are countless design and strategic challenges that we are excited to solve with you in our portfolio. You’ll be in a unique position to shape the product and brand design function. You'll be at the forefront of our efforts and be directly responsible for decisions that shape design output, brands, tools, teams and culture. You’ll use your full range of skills to build great teams. You’ll also learn about the real estate industry, economics, and data. You’ll be supported with tools you need, and you'll be working with an awesome and like-minded team.
  • Project Management: Track running engagements and moving progress. Provide admin support including high-volume, multi time-zone calendar management, and frequent reprioritization. Facilitate stand-ups, status meetings, design crits and reviews. Understand dependencies, and communicate status to upper management. Proactively work to remove obstacles and enable forward momentum and progress. Take on non-technical work for the team to expedite progress and give an extra pair of hands. Drive conversations to closure and next steps. Bring stakeholders together in meetings for updates or to reviews, proactively flagging challenges or scope creep. QA and archive completed work. Ship outstanding work while managing scope and time. Learns from failures as well as successes.
  • Planning & Scoping: Partner with design management and executive team in establishing translating annual goals into a design team roadmap. Help bridge team capacity and allocation. Working with the team break down, estimate, price and set up schedules for sprints and set-up real-time artifacts. Identify requirements, note dependencies, create creative briefs, map workshops and build work back schedules to manage to deadlines. Own the creation and management of project plans, milestones and resource allocation. Collaborate cross-functionally with neighboring disciplines, ask the right questions, find gaps and mitigate risk. Be a resource for outside teams as a team expert to educate and set expectations. Understands how to best match team with incoming requests.
  • Ops: Look for connections, simplification and integration points across the company. Shape, implement and document processes to streamline projects and elevate the quality of the product and design work. Create and maintain single source of truth documentation and playbooks that communicates the whys and hows for the team of both the high level executive summary and executional details. Build fast, organized, transparent and efficient systems. Partner with facilities, HR, IT and security to resolve any logistical issues and assist in every way possible to ensure tasks are completed. Iterate the working model of how the product and brand design teams engage with other teams and services, drive change, balance team health and expectations, business needs, and resources.
  • Team: Build rapport with directs for key planning & scheduling. Protect the team time from non-design work, track down answers, or make people available to turn things around faster. Managing milestones, celebrations, off-sites, anniversaries, miscellaneous tasks and personal assistance. Be a culture champion, create a community, bring people together, evangelize design teamwork, facilitate sharing and post mortems. Support a thriving product and design culture that encourages creativity, happiness and learning.
  • Tooling: Fluency in calendaring, program management software, process methodologies, risk management. Manage software subscriptions, arrange new tool demos, pricing, automating training and updates. Support team's emerging needs hardware, stationery, design supplies, training & else. Works in design tools (Figma, Sketch, Adobe, Invision), can sign off on closed out work and validate it's accurately archived for the future. Owns folder management and well-maintained systems.
  • Executive Support: Manage all day to day ops and admin responsibilities for the VP of Design such as meetings, calendars, ongoing tracks for work for product and brand. Solve problems big and small. Protect executive time from spontaneous inquiries and shield low priority requests that can be handled directly. Advise, research, draft, proofread, ship & distribute announcements, presentations, documents, feedback, notes for internal and external events. Report up on team health, company climate, and people’s needs and milestones.
  • Staffing & Training: Identifying staffing opportunities to overcome challenges and limitations. Draft open roles, screen candidates and arrange cross-functional interviews. Create performance review processes and support reviews. Set-up and pace contractors, run onboarding programs, cross pollinate best practices, set-up lunch and learns, research professional development and training.
  • Budget: Establish and own the processes for tracking team budgets, expenses, vendors and billing. Set up, onboard, manage and maintain the relationships with all vendors and agencies. processes expenses,
  • Experience: 5-10 years at an agency or in-house launching product, brand, interaction, service, and experience design with a learning mindset in regard of platforms.
  • Portfolio: Documentation of playbooks, processes, boards, timelines and other artifacts.
  • Design: Experience working directly with product designers, UX researchers, visual designers, content strategists and developers. Appreciation and an eye for design with comfort in providing constructive fresh feedback when the team is stuck or balancing quality/time delivery. Fluency in tracking the ever-evolving creative process, agile processes and practice of user centered design. Deep understanding for other product and brand functions.
  • Meetings & Events: Travel 25% of the time. Plan events, off-sites and critical on-sites where we receive & host visitors. Coordinate travel such as flights, stay, meals, venues, itineraries and activities.
  • Teaming: Excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills. Detail oriented, organized, clear communicator, self-starter, participatory, flexible, open-minded optimistic, generative, visionary and open new ideas and ways of working and hungry to innovate. Manage confidential information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
  • Leadership: Radiate information, make intros and connections, model culture and creative values in the organization, be the team ambassador on projects. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to influence and motivate people at all levels across a broad variety of job functions. Navigate and thrive in ambiguity, with a record of operating independently and meeting deadlines. Experience prioritizing and multitasking, being resourceful and responsive, staying calm under pressure, managing conflict, giving and receiving feedback diplomatically.
  • Top-of-the-line salary
  • 401K and competitive benefits
  • $3K in education benefits
  • Field work at company events
  • Regular offsite workshops across the country
  • Annual team retreat
  • Work from home culture
  • New tools and hardware
  • A vast new network outside of design
  • Growth platform: regular 1:1 time and ongoing feedback from leadership
  • Peace of mind corporate benefit package
  • Time off: vacation, extra holidays, short days

Grow With Us

Hanley Wood (recently merged with Meyers Research in December 2018), is the largest data, editorial, and advisory service provider to serve the residential building, design and land development industries with a national team of 600 employees. We hold the largest database of real estate data, including community developments, land/ commercial sales and economic research that equip our clients with insights that aid in maximizing their real estate business.

Meyers Research, our advisory experts, develop industry leading indexes and reports that are leveraged in media nationally. As we continue to position ourselves as industry experts, our ideal candidate will work on bringing additional awareness to our advisory experts and our knowledge base. Join us.



Q&A With Hiring Manager

Shagane Barsegian Launey

Vice President, Product Design

Read more about Shagane

What will one learn in this position?

We nurture a highly creative environment that pushes you to learn and impact change out of the gate. We LOVE placing people in stretch roles and giving them a platform to grow. My favorite part about this role is the ownership of the entire user journey through product and brand, meaning your vision and output directly shape the company. We welcome folks from all walks of lives and family arrangements. Everyone is hands-on and is a one of a kind compliment to team. Last, it's really cool to work with data at scale across geographies, and pair with our domain experts in real-estate to understand industry drivers for housing and economic growth. 

How is design valued here?

Design is a core differentiator for our value in the marketplace. Our mission is to bring a radically new propositions to the industry status quo which often entails we have to think differently and tackle hard problems through teaming. Designers question the most fundamental assumptions and set the bar for casting a radically new vision for how we serve intelligent data and content platforms. We've had designers in key leadership roles, including at the exec level, from the very beginning. This has made design a core foundation of our company's DNA. This means that you'll never have to justify the importance of design. We genuinely care about people and value kindness in our everyday interactions. You'll be able to be yourself and feel valued.

With who and how will I work?

You'll closely work with all functions and leadership teams, specifically Rob Ignasiak, Lillian Spio, Hamin Balaporia, Michael Carlson, Ali Wolf, Lorry Linn, Andy Reid and Jeff Meyers. Working in small, high-impact teams, your work will touch initiatives across the nation. We have several offices across the country, with large teams based in OC, TX, DC & San Diego. We have been pioneers in remote workplaces and work with exceptional ease to scout the best talent supporting our employees in their vision for personal and professional life. We are looking to build an LA office in the near future that will staff design and marketing function. With the recent merger at HW & Meyers Research we are starting to build teams to slowly specialize more, for the next year, teams will still continue to be hybrid while working towards product and brand pods of mixed skill sets and more ownership. 

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